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Summer Assignment: Constitution Review Guide | Constitution and Amendments Summary
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Games: Do I have a Right? | LawCraft | People's Pie | Win the White House | The Redistricting Game
Documents: Interactive Constitution | Articles of Confederation | Federalist Papers | Federalist Papers study guide
Reviews: Vocabulary at Quizlet 1 | Vocabulary at Quizlet 2 | Quizzes by content | Shaker Heights HS (long) | A to Z Amendments Review
Practice Tests: Released 1999 Exam | Barron's (timed or untimed) | MyMaxScore (with explanations) Google Search "AP Government multiple choice" (your mileage may vary)
YouTube: Crash Course | Adam Norris | Final Exam Review (Adam Norris) | MyCitizenU (Quick topic reviews) | #APGov Guru (Keith Hughes, Tom Richey) | 14 Minutes (Mr. Klaff) | Select topics (Keith Hughes)
Citizenship test: Practice Test | Questions and answers | Explanations for questions


Textbook: AP textbook | Regular textbook | AP book resources
Research tools: FRED | FRED: More Popular Series | FREDcast | Gapminder World
Interesting FRED graphs: Great Recession WP article | Current vs. potential real GDP | Unemployment rate vs. NRU
International finance: mjmfoodie episode 33 | Big Mac Index
YouTube: Crash Course | mjmfoodie | ACDCEcon | ACDC 15 Minute review | ACDC 30 Minute review
Economics Games: Desert Island Game | Escape from Barter Island | Shmoop Money and Banking Game | Chair the Fed Game
Financial literacy: EverFi
Great Recession Project: Book Study List
Construction Paper Graphs: 01 Production Possibilities | 02 Business Cycles | 03 Consumption Function | 04 Aggregate Model, Traditional | 05 Aggregate Model, Modern | 06 Countercyclical Fiscal Policy | 07 Long-Run Self Correction | 08 Money Market | 09 Investment Demand | 10 Monetary Policy | 11 Loanable Funds | 12 Crowding Out in Recession | 13 Phillips Curves | 14 Phillips-Aggregate Link | 15-16 Foreign Exchange

Computer Science

Online textbook
Barb Ericson's AP Java Review
Development sites: Code.org Studio (courses) | SNAP (Pre-AP) | CodingBat | CodingBat custom problems
Text Adventure: Zork Online | Sample Adventure | Sample Diagram
Chatbots: Eliza | ALICE | Elbot (click on Start a Chat)
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