A to Z Amendments Review

This page is a handy way to remember the Amendments to the Constitution by the letters of the alphabet. It came from another government teacher, and I found out about it due to a student project.

  1. A = All RAPPS (freedom of Religion, Assembly, Petition, Press and Speech)
  2. B = Bear Arms
  3. C = Can't Intrude (quartering of soldiers)
  4. D = Don't search (unreasonable search and seizure)
  5. E = Every criminal's rights (no self-incrimination, no double-jeopardy)
  6. F = Fast trial
  7. G = Get jury (right to jury trial in civil cases)
  8. H = Harsh punishment (no cruel and unusual punishment, no excessive bails and fines)
  9. I = Individual rights (rights beyond the constitution)
  10. J = Just states (powers not delegated to national government go to states, people)
  11. K = Kind states (can't sue other states)
  12. L = Loser not VP (changes to electoral college)
  13. M = Make 'em free (ended slavery)
  14. N = Now citizens (birthright citizenship, due process and equal protection clauses)
  15. O = Obama votes (cannot deny vote based on race)
  16. P = Personal income tax
  17. Q = Quick senators (direct election)
  18. R = Rum gone (prohibition)
  19. S = Suffrage for women
  20. T = Terms changed (presidential, congressional term dates)
  21. U = Undo 18th (repeal prohibition)
  22. V = Voted in twice (two term limit for presidents)
  23. W = Washington, D.C. votes (electoral votes to D.C.)
  24. X = X out poll tax (banned in federal elections)
  25. Y = Your next president (succession during disability)
  26. Z = Zombies vote (voting age now 18)
  27. $ = $ (congress can't give itself raises until next term)